You Can Heal Your Heart

TRANSFORM your heartbreak into a new love story

The love …

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Transitioning - Your Wellbeing Guide in Times of Change

Discover how to manage your wellbeing when life gets …

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Tantra and Self-Love - the Paths to Healing

The ancient art of Tantra can enhance NOT ONLY your …

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Re-Learn Self-Love


About Me

Hi, I'm Pavlina, a holistic therapist, coach, and a courageous woman!

I remind women and men that they are free despite their current circumstances. I help people make changes, deal with life's transitions, heal trauma, heartbreak and loss, and move on to create authentic, loving and passionate relationships. I use ...

My Methods

  • I'll help you uncover your limiting beliefs and replace them.
  • Your self-care practices will become second nature. 
  • I look at your lifestyle, priorities and aspirations to create the best coaching plan.
  • Somatic therapies like bioenergetics, EFT tapping, ...

Why Choose Me

Free consultation
Somatic practices preferred to talk therapy
High empathy
Ability to sense your energy and blockages
Unconditionally positive regard
Respectful of your culture, beliefs, and choices
Safe space to open up
Wordly, spiritual and open-minded attitude
Favoring natural medicine over vaccines and big pharma
Vast knowledge in sacred sexuality and sexual healing
Down to earth practical spirituality
Embracing shadow work - no toxic positivity
Spoken languages:

Happy Clients

My Areas Of Expertise

Coaching & Somatic Therapy

Coaching & Somatic Therapy

Life Coaching

Whether you need to make some major changes in life, start chasing your dreams, find a …

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Reiki & Chakra Healing

Energy healing works over distance too. We balance your chakra centers, using reiki …

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Intimacy Coaching

I love helping my clients create intimacy in their relationships. It's best to learn …

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EFT Tapping

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique is based on energy and emotional healing that may …

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Conscious Movement Therapy

Dance is my personal best choice of somatic therapy! It opens us to life, to sensuality, …

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Hormone Health Coaching & Nutrition

Vital health encompasses much more than diet an exercise. Although these two are …

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