My Expertise and Dedication Yield Results

I am an international life coach, sex & intimacy coach, conscious sexuality activist, energy healer and a practitioner of reiki, 'white’ tantra, kundalini awakening, and chakra healing.

I have a passion for holistic wellbeing, healing of sexual trauma and bioenergetics.

Although I do not promise overnight miracles, I know that I have a gift, and our cooperation could bring you lasting results very fast.

Why Should You Choose Me?

I have known pain just like the next person. My life is an example of overcoming obstacles and learning to thrive in this world no matter how hard it may be spinning.

Today, I see clients who are transitioning between careers, relationships, life's hardships and have sex & intimacy concerns. I love my work and my guidance is always tailored according to your circumstances.

I focus on supporting the healing of childhood wounds through goal-setting and accountability and the nurturing of self-love to achieve them.

I choose to implement only those practices that provide the most profound holistic healing and transformation.

My clients heal in a non-invasive, truly graceful way and achieve their goals.

I have absolutely no judgment and no issue is too big or too small for me.

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