Coaching Young Women to Get Out of Their WayCoaching Young Women to Get Out of Their WayCoaching Young Women to Get Out of Their WayCoaching Young Women to Get Out of Their Way

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How Can I Help You?

I am a woman in her early thirties, and perhaps just like you, I was once a girl trying to find her place in the world.

I am a certified life coach and counsellor, sex & intimacy coach, conscious sexuality activist, energy healer, practitioner of reiki, 'white’ tantra, kundalini awakening, and chakra healing.

I have a passion for holistic wellbeing, helping others manage stress and anxiety and heal sexual trauma.

Although I cannot promise overnight miracles, I know that I have a gift, and our cooperation could bring you lasting results very fast.

Why Should You Choose Me?

I am an old soul. Despite my spiritual awareness, I have known pain just like the next person. My life is an example of overcoming obstacles and learning to thrive in this modern world no matter how fast it may be spinning.

Anyone can manifest their dreams, if they put in the awareness and effort.

Today, I see young women who are just after college, or transitioning between careers, relationships, life's hardships and have sex & intimacy concerns. I love my work and my guidance is always tailored according to my client's circumstances.

I focus on supporting the healing of childhood wounds through goal-setting and accountability and the nurturing of self-love to achieve them.

I choose to implement only those practices that provide the most profound holistic healing and transformation.

My clients heal in a non-invasive, truly graceful way and achieve their goals.

I have absolutely no judgment and no issue is too big or too small for me.

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Pavlina Lioness

Location Worldwide


My interest in spirituality began nearly a decade ago...

Too many of my young years were spent concentrating my energy on things that made me miserable. It was around my most difficult breakup, just on my return from hell, when I discovered my calling.. But the pain may have been a blessing. It made me understand that there’s no need to stay where we don't belong. I am a lightworker who embraces her shadow.

It takes a profound effort to confront our prejudices, jealousies and shameful shadows, but in facing these demons we can begin to transform many aspects of our lives.

My path of healing myself from depression and anxiety has been a blessing. After all, who else could have more understanding than the one who used to suffer debilitating panic attacks and toyed with the thoughts of suicide? If you are looking for a non-judgmental advice, look no further.

Have you considered the acceptance of both the light and dark in our being as a path to healing?

That is also 'Tantra' to me.

Our energy, our Kundalini, this life-giving sexual energy is spiritual and sacred. If channeled right, it keeps us in love with ourselves and enables us to love others. It can heal us on physical and emotional levels, fuel our creativity and preserve our youth.

Having worked as a model, exotic dancer, a sex shop assistant, a professional hostess and Tantric masseuse, enabled me to establish myself as a successful sex and intimacy coach. I support the healing of childhood wounds through goal-setting, accountability and the nurturing of self-love. I have helped people to realize their fantasies and to heal the legacies of sexual traumas.

I hold certificates in Chakra Alchemy, Reiki, Tantra Massage, diplomas in Remedial Massage, Advanced Life Coaching, NLP, Nutrition, Community Services Case Management and a Bachelor's Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences.

I studied various Emotional Freedom Techniques - tapping into meridians, dialogues between the right brain and left brain, constellations; counselling, personal development courses from Landmark, mindfulness meditation, and Kundalini courses by Leyolah Antara. I danced the Kundalini Chakra series under Patricia Gonsalves, and conscious movement practices such are 5rhythms, 5 elements and Ecstatic dancing with various practitioners around the world. My Tantric education comes largely from Margot Anand and Diana Richardson, both of whom learned directly from Osho.

I have an interest in bioenergetics, shamanic practices and enjoy reading self-help books from nearly all of the Hayhouse authors. Shifting mental states at the speed of light, like Tony Robbins, is my next personal challenge!

Today, I specialize in healing others during times of crisis, career transitions, difficult human relationships or facing health challenges. I’ve been coaching loyal clients across all Europe and I’ve established following in many states in Australia. I see my positive impact in my clients' growth recommendations and endorsements.


My 'WHY' [Thank you, Simon Sinek]

It is quite clear that the world is full of wounded people...who were once wounded children.

My vision is to heal the inner child that feels unhappy, unsafe, unloved and misunderstood.

Coming back to ourselves and finding deep self-love within can happen easily during my sessions.

Whether you are depressed and don't know why, or you have been sexually abused in the past, I believe I can help you.

When we were children, society trimmed our wings. Our desires - including healthy expressions of sexuality - turned into fears and were buried beneath the surface.

Healthy sexual expressions have many forms.

Nudity, dancing, hugging, self-pleasuring, love-making, connecting to others and gazing are just some.

However, I am not just about teaching people how to get over trauma to lead more fulfilling sex lives.

What I am about is a little more complex.

I am about preventing unhealthy sexual expressions: rape, sex-trafficking, and sexual harassment.

- undoing the damage in individuals who recognise their right to change.

- causing transformation in individuals who are ready to face their demons.

- bringing people together, so there is more love, more forgiveness, and more transparency in all that we do.

The revolution starts now with us: Tantrikas.


After many readings and studies, in my opinion, it boils down to:

Being more loving,  present, living in bliss, staying connected to all there is, making love with our hearts open, and loving people with all our being but without attachments.

I would like for people to embrace Tantra and the acceptance of the fact that, like it or not, SEX WILL ALWAYS SELL.

Therefore, let's make it so in a loving and caring way as there has been far too much abuse.

At the same time...

I am not going to advocate that the teachings of Tantra are the cure.

I am not going to push onto others the amazing intercourse two people could have once they incorporated Tantra into their life.

Neither I am going to preach about celibacy or how NOT to have sex. (I've been to both places.)

My vision is to eliminate the sexual shame and guilt imposed upon us by brainwashed generations who turned their backs on ancient spiritual wisdom.

That is what compels people to rape or disrespect others and themselves.

These days the media is filled with cases of youth suicide, broken marriages, and most recently, the #metoo revelations. This must stop!

We shall strive to bring forth a new sexual revolution where there are no perverted crimes and abuse of 'masculine' power (in men and women) over 'feminine' vulnerability (in men and women) because people are free to sexually express themselves in a healthy, safe and non-abusive way.



Sex Coaching - Female Client from Canada

Hey beautiful. I can’t express enough how helpful our call was. I was able to experience sex in a new & healing way as you were telling me in our call which was possible to do. I am feeling so empowered and whole because of the advice you gave me. I would love to have another call with you as I end my journey here in Bali and move onto new chapters in love and life ✨🦁

Goddess Coaching - Female Client from Australia

Pavlina recently helped me through the most difficult time of my life. I am eternally grateful to her.

Energy Healing - Female client from the Uk

Pavlina has a beautiful way of holding space for you to open up and be vulnerable. She is understanding and compassionate and guides you beautifully to what you need. She guided me through a powerful chakra breathing exercise that was extremely grounding and helped me to feel connected to my body and soul when I had been feeling so disconnected. I would highly recommend her, she is a beautiful person inside and out and has a real gift!!!

Tantra Session|Coaching - Client from Australia

“I met Pavlina a few weeks ago... Wow. I have read a bit about tantric massages, but never had one until I met up with Pavlina. It was a truly amazing, infinitely beautiful and satisfying experience. I can't wait till I get back to Brisbane so I can book another session!” Treat yourself to somebody who cares about you. Pavlina does.”

Intimacy Coaching - Client from Czech Republic

“I found Pavlina by accident, the best mistake I have ever made! I'll keep this short because Pavlina changed my life! Profoundly beautiful, intelligent and great to spend time with.....and then there is the experience, I've been to places I would never have thought I would go and shared energy with a very special person.”