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Vital health encompasses much more than diet an exercise. Although these two are essential components, wellbeing is also about our energy, attitude, environment and therefore, mental and emotional health. 

For example, drinking enough of unfluoridated clean water, washing clothes in biodegradable detergent (like soap nuts), not using cosmetics with harmful chemicals, reducing the consumption of pesticides, herbicides and hormon-laddden commercial dairy, on top of not consuming all the bad news and energy of the world - are crucial for our overall wellbeing!

Natural health is my passion. As a naturopath in training and someone who has spent 10 years of researching and testing on her own skin every single diet and exercise regime out there - I have a deep respect and compassion for everyone's different dietary preferences, energy needs, and fitness goals. It is my pleasure to intuitively guide you towards the best healing lifestyle suited for YOU. 

I will not advocate strict diets or crazy exercise. Apart from other tips, cooking healthy meals at home and going out for walks is, generally, the standard timeless advice. Together, we'll make sure you stick to what YOUR mind, body, and soul crave the most.


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